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FROM MY HILLTOP - A compelling and compassionate, must read book on SA


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NOTE: Stan's new book of poetry REFLECTIONS OF HEAVEN was released in June. See "Stan's new book " on web page and CLICK for details





Stan Daneman's new compelling eBOOK on South Africa was published in December 2012. This unique book is narrated by Professor Marula - an old and wise tree and Elder Statesman in South Africa. He recalls the changing scene in the country over his long life time.

  "From my hill top I have looked down on the living history of South Africa. From my early days understanding the Rules of the Southern African plains I realised just how much I loved the country and its peoples. We lived in a magnificent world - each species knowning their role in the circle of life in Africa. As I aged and became a Professor I enjoyed meeting with the leaders of the species and discussing the changes that were taking place in South Africa.

I prepared lessons on the changing landscape in South Africa and I am privileged to share these with you in the book. Over the years I have stored vast amounts of documents in my trunks - interviews with political figures and tribal leaders. i became an Elder Statesman in our land. From my hill top I have looked down on our rivers, seen our mountains and become friends with the elephant, leopard and other species. I share with you snap shots of a cross-section of our heroes - but there are so many".

EXTRACT FROM THE PROLOGUE - as narrated by Professor Marula

"You will notice that we are situated on top of a mighty hill. From our vantage point - if you turn to your left and right and turn around - you will see rolling hills, tall thorn trees, rocks, anthills and of course the gleaming network of rivers twisting themselves like snakes through the valley below. Don't be afraid as they are not really snakes! From our vantage point you will observe just how beautiful the scene is. Truly a magnificent sight! A scene of tranquil Africa, free, independepent, innocent and working to its own norms and survival - following the Rules of the Southern African Plains. we work in seasons and not in days, months or years.

In the far off distance as we look south we will see two great oceans meeting at the very tip of our continent. warm and cold waters fight each other for control of this crossing point in Africa. This battle has been raging since the beginning of time - and they will fight forever"



  Lesson 1 - The Southern African Plains

  Lesson 2 - New creatures

 Lesson 3  - The movement north

 Lesson 4  - Shots and crosses

 Lesson 5 - New Rulers

Lesson 6  - Justice and crime

History timeline/Some personal notes/Profiles of leading South Africans/Meetings with the youth/Heads of State/Top ten South Africans


My ebook is available through my publisher And can be downloaded to all devices including eReaders, TABLETS , iPHONES,  and to PC's (then Download a free eREADER from the Internet) . The book is also available through AMAZON KINDLE


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I hope to hear from you. (

I also hope that you enjoy my book. It was a wonderful experience to write it 

Kind Regards

Prof Marula/Stan Daneman

PS. we decided to publish as an eBook as this way we did not use trees in the production process - that would be like using members of my family as paper!


"As someone whose connections with South africa - up to now at least - have been vicarious, via sport (mostly cricket and rugby), Stan Daneman's ebook on the history of Southern Africa is eye-opening.

Told via the appealing metaphor of a personified marula tree ("someone with long established roots in South Africa"), the work concentrates on the history of southern Africa from the coming of the Europeans - or, in the language of the first European(Dutch) settlers, "Uitlanders". It was they who, after many millenia, set in motion the events that brought about radical and rapid change to the land.

This history is told - as befits a personified tree - from a romantic rather than a clinical, academic point of view. Using the skills of a poet, Stan Daneman informs and illumines whilea the engaging the reader's imagination.

Serious students of history may find this narrative style insufficient academically rigorous but those like me, whose knowledge of South African history is, at best, sketchy, should find this an excellent introduction not just to facts but to feelings. In this e-book, Stan Daneman gets behind the undisputed incidents to explore the culture that made, and was made, by them."    By Bob Little, Writer, author and Broadcaster  UK

"I learned more about South Africa by reading Stan Daneman's book than ever before. An excellent reading experience"  George C, Toronto, Canada

"A compassionate read. The Professor is indeed an Elder Statesman in the country" Margaret H, Gauteng, South Africa

"Simply Outstanding!" John H . Sydney, Australia

"Looking forward to reading your book when it comes out (after having a :sneak peak" , I know that it will be good!" Tannis S, Manitoba, Canada 

'Great piece of writing Stan!" Corne S South Africa

"Congratulations! A very entertaining read. Recommended to all South Africans" Eleanor B, Johannesburg

"Well done, Stan! Family very proud of you!"  Lyn B Pretoria, South Africa

"Very interesting reading. I suggest ex and current South Africans should read it" Harold D Calgary, Canada

"Well done Stan!" Pierre A, Cape Town

"Could not put it down. Very well written"  Pieter Cape Town

"Well done! What a unique perspective on South African history"   Simon P USA   

"Well done!" Hennie South Africa

"I am very excited about the book!" Michelle B USA

"Your imagination never ceases to amaze us! Great job. Peter and Gina, Cape Town

"After having read the book I am giving it to my 13 year old daughter to read!" Kenny N South Africa

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Click this link to find out more about Prof Marula's story of South AFrica

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Dries Claassen | Reply 22.04.2013 12.09

Can not wait to read this book. Will comment again once done.

Peter van Oudtshoorn | Reply 10.02.2013 13.09

We look forward to reading this. Your imagination never ceases to amaze. Well done. Peter & Gina - Cape Town

Michelle Buckham | Reply 04.02.2013 04.51

I'm very excited & can't wait to read it ..Greetings from Ohio, USA

Hennie Vermeulen | Reply 04.02.2013 03.02

Well done Stan will love to read the book... greetings from za

Gissie Fiebiger | Reply 27.01.2013 01.03

Seems interesting reading. Will order.

Simon | Reply 17.01.2013 06.06

Sounds like a very interesting read!

Pierre | Reply 16.01.2013 09.14

Well done Stan. Pierre

Lyn | Reply 28.12.2012 16.10

Well done Stan. Family in Pretoria very proud of you.

Stan (Prof Marula!) 04.01.2013 15.07

Thank you so much!! It was a wonderful experience to research and then write the book, Stan

Simon M | Reply 22.12.2012 19.45

I have ordered the book - can't wait to get it (coming to my physical address apparently - odd for an e-book)

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Critics Review:
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Wrote a review elsewhere that disappeared into the digital ether. Good read! Enjoy the strong tone of strong relationships which underpin the plot. More please!

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The Poetry is absolutely beautiful! Keep going you are an amazing writer.
Have just started your Prof Marula and cannot wait to start on the Murder Book.

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