now available in paper back on Amazon

The book is now availble in paper back on Amazon.

<p>This collection of 26 short, often intropective and thoughtful but always probing poems explorers humanity's relarionship with the divine. Unashamedly base on Christian theology, all of the poems seek to apply that theology&nbsp; in life in a practical way.>Most of the poems are written in free verse, although two poems of the poems in the collection adopt a more tradional rhyming scheme. Stan Daneman can coin a neat turn of phrase such as calling a rainbow a "heavenly hoop of hope". He offers insights that can be both comforting and challenging, thoughtful and thought=provoking - such as likening the impressive effect of light shining through a stained glass&nbsp;window with our attempts to allow light to shine through our stained lives.</p> <p>These poems are an appeal to the soul as much as an appeal to the intellect and they appear to represent a genuine and soul-searching quest after inner truth. As such, their insights should enlighten and inspire, as well as challenge and provke all those who want to develop the spiritual side of their lives.;Bob Little, writer, author and broadcaster, UK


CONTENTS; ARISE!; Follow that Star; A touch and a whisper; His Face - the smile I had tea with Jesus; My teapot prayer;Roll away the stone ;The light behind the cross; The light will find you< The stained glass window; The entrance to heaven; The gatekeeper; The golden angel The place within<; The time piece; Take hold of a child; The snow flakes; Two glasses;Merry Christmas Every Day; The Christmas tree; God's Christmas tree What is Christmas? How do we package Christmas?; Take Hold; A baby's tears;Reflections of Heaven&nbsp;

READER'S REVIEW: I am totally amazed and blessed by your understanding and feelings for our Lord.   Lyn South Africa

A very thoughtful book - Caroline T. Toronto

The book protrays a deep understanding of faith and belief  - Kevin S Toronto

Thank you or sharing your thoughts and beliefs with us Kevin Toronto 

Wonderful words and a true reflection of God's grace  AV, Australia



ORDERING<>AMAZON KINDLE- enter my name or name of the book to access preview information and for all other devices  🙂"></a> BOOKSHOP</p> >The introductory price of the book is</span> 4.95 pounds .....USD 6.32&nbsp;&nbsp;EURO 4.86<p>Send email to <a" FOR Further information&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size: 24px;">&nbsp;CLICK ON "COMPELLING NEW eBOOK" ICON to review Stan's unique book on South African history - as narrated by a Marula tree - an&nbsp;outstanding reading experience</span></p> <p><span style="font-size: 16px;"><a href="">WWW.THEENDLESSBOOKCASE.COM</a></span></p> <p><a href="">WWW.PROFESSORMARULA.COM</a></p>

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Margi Normandin | Reply 03.11.2013 01.40

God Bless you for your work!
You honour Him with your talent.
You will be highly blessed and rewarded..

Stan Daneman 03.11.2013 11.30

Thank you so much. It was a very personal journey to write these poems - and a great deal of self reflection,

Bill Einkamerer | Reply 08.10.2013 19.54

May you be rewarded richly for your love of the Lord.

Caroline H. Davidson | Reply 30.07.2013 14.47

Hi, this sounds like a thoughtful book. Congratulations!
I suggest that you join The Ontario Poetry Society, TOPS, to meet with other poets.

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Well i like your high quality blog site design plus your posting abilities. Keep doing it.he article has genuinely peaks my interest.

08.07 | 11:08

Critics Review:
Well-paced, page-turning, boldly imagined, crackles with suspense. A compelling and oddly haunting, arresting and absorbing book.Bob Little, UK

27.07 | 02:55

Wrote a review elsewhere that disappeared into the digital ether. Good read! Enjoy the strong tone of strong relationships which underpin the plot. More please!

09.03 | 10:09

The Poetry is absolutely beautiful! Keep going you are an amazing writer.
Have just started your Prof Marula and cannot wait to start on the Murder Book.

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